Frequently Asked Questions
Static Mixers

Below are Frequently Asked Questions that will answer most of your concerns and questions

Static Mixer Maintenance Requirement?

ProMixUSA mixers have optional removable inserts so that if cleaning is required, it is done with ease.  The parts within the mixer, do not move; hence maintenance is quite far and few in between, if ever.

Static Mixers or Recirculation?
Static mixers provide high efficient mixing in a single pass.  It is done quickly and with the lowest energy consumption (Pressure Drop)
Cost-Benefit of Static Mixers?

Because of the efficiency of static mixers and the high mixture quality output, dosing of costly chemicals for reactions may be reduced considerably. 

Static Mixer Spacing Requirement?

The spacing requirement is minimal but depends upon the qty of elements purchased.  Vertical or horizontal installation is fine with no operational impacts.  

Static Mixer Pipe Sizing?

 Our Static Mixers are available in all standard pipe sizes, thicknesses, and lengths. 

What Material can Static Mixers be made of?

ProMixUSA mixers have many different construction materials designed for varying chemical compatibility.  Kynar, PVC, Nylon, 316LSS, Kevlar, PFA, PTFE

Static Mixer Installation Requirements?

Yes, but mechanical experience is needed in order to size the piping that will connect on the inlet and outlet of the static mixers.  

Do Static Mixers Require any Electrical Connection?

No external Power required on all Static Mixers as static mixers mix efficiently from the pressure drop as the fluid flow throughs the elements.  

Sanitary Requirements for a Static Mixer?

The Food and Pharmaceutical industry has stringent RA and polishing requirements.  Contamination will not be tolerated so the design and build of the static mixer requires high tolerance RA readings.

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