Portable Tank Mixers

Portable tank mixers are versatile mixing devices designed for effectively blending liquids or suspending solids in various portable tanks or vessels.  These mixers offer the flexibility to be moved and positioned easily across different tanks, making them ideal for applications where mobility and adaptability are essential.  Portable tank mixers are commonly used in industries such as chemicals, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and water treatment to ensure uniform mixing, homogenization of contents, and efficient blending processes on the go.  With features like adjustable mounting options, variable speed controls, and customizable mixing elements, portable tank mixers provide a convenient and efficient solution for diverse mixing requirements in different environments.

Optimal agitation.  Large folding blades (operating volume from 100 to 1,000 liters) provide the full container agitation

Easy to use.  Mixing agitators are lightweight (only 20 kg) and are quickly and easily mounted with hooks through a 140mm IBC opening.

Four models to choose from to suit your application.  Comes with options in speed, impeller design, and motor drive power so it can take on your mixing challenges.


ProMixUSA offers a wide selection of portable tank mixers and agitators.  ProMixUSA Process offers rugged, portable IBC tote mixers.  Our top-entry portable IBC mixers are used to mix and blend liquids in an Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) tote or drum.  They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, speeds, and work with various viscosities and applications.

  • Mixers for Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC) totes, Polyethylene caged totes, and other 275-gallon totes
  • Electric and air agitator mixer motor options
  • Powerful, lightweight, economical, and simple to use

Our IBC tote mixers are lightweight and Portable Tank Mixers, are easy to use, and economical, while still offering the power needed for thorough mixing.  ProMixUSA Process mixers keep mixing compact and simple for IBC and other totes, as well as other containers.  We provide a compact and powerful solution.
We can help you determine the perfect mixer and tote combination for your specific application, whether you’re mixing low viscous water-like substances, or require something more powerful for mixing viscous mixtures such as road paint.  Our wide range of tote mixers and IBC agitators are suitable for nearly any imaginable application.  We can also customize mixers for your specific container system.

Other types of Mixers:

Side Entry Mixers

Magnetic Mixers

Top Mounted Mixers

Impeller Qty

1, 2, 3

Impeller Diameter

4", 6", 8", 12", 16", Other


Economy Clamp, Flange, Heavy Duty Clamp, Plate, Triclamp

Impeller Type

High Efficiency, Hydrofoil, Propellers


No, Yes

Motor Type

Air, TEFC, TEFC Stainless, XP TEFC

Wetted Material

304SS, 316SS

Speed Controller

No, Yes



Q: What are portable tank mixers?
A: Portable tank mixers are compact mixing devices designed to blend liquids or suspensions in portable tanks or vessels. They are versatile and easily movable, making them ideal for applications requiring flexibility in mixing operations.

Q: What types of industries commonly use portable tank mixers?
A: Portable tank mixers find applications in various industries such as chemical processing, food and beverage production, pharmaceuticals, water treatment, paint and coatings, and more. These mixers are utilized where mobility and efficient mixing in different locations are essential.

Q: How do portable tank mixers differ from stationary mixers?
A: Portable tank mixers are designed to be easily moved and positioned on different tanks, offering flexibility in mixing operations. In contrast, stationary mixers are fixed in one location and are not as easily transportable or adaptable to different vessels.

Q: What are the key features of portable tank mixers?
A: Portable tank mixers often come with adjustable mounting options, variable speed controls, and lightweight yet robust construction for easy mobility. They may also have customizable mixing elements to suit specific blending requirements.

Q: What are the benefits of using portable tank mixers?
A: Portable tank mixers offer the advantage of flexibility, allowing users to move the mixer to different tanks as needed. They provide efficient mixing, easy operation, and are suitable for applications where space constraints or mobility are important considerations.

Advantages / Disadvantages

Advantages of Portable Tank Mixers

Mobility:  Portable tank mixers can be easily moved and positioned on different tanks, allowing for flexible mixing operations.

Versatility:  They can be utilized in various industries and applications where on-the-go mixing is required.

Efficient Mixing:  Portable tank mixers ensure thorough blending and homogenization of liquids or solids in portable tanks, leading to consistent product quality.

Space Saving:  Since they can be moved between tanks, portable mixers eliminate the need for multiple fixed mixing setups, saving space.

Cost-Effective:  Portable tank mixers offer cost savings by providing a versatile mixing solution that can be used across different tanks or vessels.

Disadvantages of Portable Tank Mixers

Limited Capacity: Portable tank mixers may have limitations in terms of the volume or size of tanks they can effectively mix in.

Stability Concerns: Portable mixers may be less stable than stationary mixers, especially on uneven surfaces or when mixing heavier or denser materials.

Potential for Spillage:  Frequent movement of portable mixers between tanks can increase the risk of spills or accidents during mixing operations.

Less Customization:  Portable tank mixers may offer fewer customization options compared to dedicated stationary mixers designed for specific applications.

Maintenance Challenges:  Due to frequent movement and handling, portable mixers may require more maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity.


Portable tank mixers find applications across various industries where mobility and flexibility in mixing operations are crucial. Some common applications include:

Chemical Industry: Portable tank mixers are used for blending chemicals, reagents, and additives in portable tanks during manufacturing processes. They ensure uniform mixing and homogenization of chemical compounds.

Food and Beverage Industry:  These mixers are employed for mixing ingredients, flavors, and additives in portable tanks used for food and beverage production. They help maintain product consistency and quality.

Pharmaceutical Industry:  Portable tank mixers are utilized for blending pharmaceutical ingredients, suspensions, and solutions in portable containers. They ensure thorough mixing for precise formulations.

Water Treatment Plants:  In water treatment facilities, portable tank mixers are used for mixing chemicals, disinfectants, and coagulants in portable tanks to facilitate water treatment processes like flocculation and disinfection.

Paint and Coatings Industry:  Portable tank mixers are essential for blending paints, coatings, and pigments in portable containers. They help achieve proper dispersion and consistency in the final product.

Manufacturing and Processing:  Various manufacturing industries use portable tank mixers for mixing raw materials, emulsions, and slurries in portable tanks during production processes to ensure product quality and consistency.

Laboratories and Research:  Portable tank mixers are utilized in laboratories for research, development, and small-scale testing of new formulations, solutions, or compounds requiring mixing in portable containers.




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