static mixer elements

Helical Mixers

Helical static mixers are perfect for operation in laminar flow regimes such as slow moving or viscous streams.

Stainless static mixer elements

Blade Mixers

Blade style element static mixers provides efficient mixing ability for turbulent flow applications combined with minimal pressure (head) loss. 

NPT Blade Static Mixer ProMixUSA

Non-Fouling Mixers

Our non-clog (sludge) mixing elements are based on either our Blade or Helical mixing elements and are designed to eliminate clogging or plugging.  

Packed static Mixer element

Packed Mixers

For space-constrained, turbulent-flow applications, our wafer static mixers provide an economical and space-efficient design.

Top Mounted Tank Mixer

Top Mounted Mixers

Tri-Clamp ends are a non-permanent piping connection method commonly used in sanitary applications such as food processing and are joined using C-shaped clamps.

Portable Tank Mixers

Portable Mixers

Flanged end connections provide easy assembly and disassembly in piping systems. For stainless / alloy static mixers with flanged end configurations.

Side Entry Tank Mixers

Side Entry Mixers

A sealing ring G is used for sealing the pipe fitting; If a complete connection is ordered on a housing pipe end, the male end is welded onto the housing.

Magnetic Mixers

An O-ring is used for sealing the flange connection, and is given a defined compression by a metal stop.

Injection Quills

Injection Quills are used to inject corrosive chemicals directly into the center of the inline static mixer or tank.  This injection reduces the corrosion on the walls of the inline static mixer and also saves on chemical costs as the reaction and mixing becomes more efficient.

Injection Quills Check Valve

With Check Valve

Injection Quill that comes with preassembled Check valve integrated into the injection Quill. Check Valve is serviceable.

Injection Quills Hastelloy

Without Check Valve

Injection Quill that comes with FNPT connection for inlet supply and connection to inline pipe is MNPT.

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