Static Mixer Skid System

A Complete skid Mounted Static Mixing Systems are designed to meet the needs of each user and typically include:

  • Portable skids on caster wheels
  • Helical or Blade Type Static Mixers Available.
  • Pumps to suit that allow for the pressure drop and viscosity of the fluids to be mixed
  • Materials of construction to suit individual process needs.  Materials for corrosive environments.
  • Controls including Touchscreen control, on-off pushbuttons, flow meters to measure accurate injection, Injection quills to display fluids evenly and, variable speed and ratio controls

The available mixer designs include, a low-pressure model typically used for low viscosity turbulent flow mixing of fluids and for gas-liquid mixing.  This design is offered in many materials of construction and to any “inch” diameter that is required.  These mixers are easily customized to include special injection feed nozzles and side Entry injectors for minor or major, difficult product streams.

Our designs specially machined elements with passageways that guarantee the mixing of any pumpable material. After passing through various length elements the ProMixUSA systems are are stackable in any quantity to provide mixing quality as needed in the process. The systems are supplied in a range of cast or machined materials to suit the application through any needed diameter.

Multiple Static Mixers used in Parallel to control Mixtures.
Nothing better than a system that arrives with 4 simple points of connection and Electrical. Set the recipe and walk away. Systems show real dosing of each phase of liquid and depending upon what you use, the outcome is always predictable. Thanks, Guys!
Steven Wright
Project Engineer - Esso