Bitumen Emulsification

This inline unmoving static mixer can take care of the issue of stopping up and aid the productive and incomparable blending. The mixer can be utilized for different purposes additionally, and since there is no moving part, gravity does a large portion of the work. This likewise brings about simpler upkeep and saves energy.

Most static blenders utilized with the end goal of bitumen foam treatment have this troublesome issue of obstructing. When obstructing begins, it can imperil the entire creation measure.


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Petroleum / Gas Plants

In order to avoid recognized corrosion problems, it was necessary to static mixer oil and gas mixtures.  Examples include:  Crude oil sampling for representative determination of the water content according to the code.  

We had overhead desalting after the atmospheric distillation column for dissolving salts into injected wash water.  We Blended natural gas streams with steam, propane, or other gases.  We also adjusted the viscosity of heavy oil with gas oil

Chemical plant with workers

Chemical and Petrochemical

To attain high selectivity and a high yield in catalytic gas phase reactions, uniform concentration and temperature distributions plus a flat velocity profile at the reactor inlet are essential.  Our mixers are used upstream of reactors to attain continuous mixing of additives and conditioning of the inlet gases. As a result, catalyst life is extended considerably in plants.


Oil and Gas

Effective crude desalting is reached by first optimizing the crude/wash water contacting for the dissolution of the salt, followed by an effective separation of the two phases to avoid water carry-over in the crude.

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